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 Bulk Fuel Exportation

Rethroi Petroleum is a Botswana based company that has been involved in the energy sector across Africa.It has a well established network of business partners in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, UAE and Greece. Rethroi Petroleum ʼs vision is to establish a major gasoline and gas oil distribution company, construction of storage facilities and pipelines in Africa, taking advantage of current economic and political dynamics such as the large and escalating demand in the region for petrol and diesel. The niche to develop African wide fuel pool controlled by young dedicated business individuals and all Africa tariff/trade regulations are variables that Rethroi Petroleum has identified in this period as strategic growth engines in this sector that will yield immediate financial results for all partners to this business venture.


The two main principals on this project sponsors have spent the last 10 years laying the groundwork for this expansion drive and are confident of its viability. Their combined experience in the fuel sector in particular and Africa business dynamics in general is a real asset that has already started to yield results. Rethroi Petroleum supplies diesel, petrol, and lubricants as Distributors to fuel end users. Rethroi Petroleum sources its products from different major Oil Refineries around the globe. The products are readily available depending with the Clientsʼ Offloading Depot.



Bulk Fuel Transportation


  • Rethroi Petroleum offers fuel transportation services through partnership with reliable third party fuel transportation companies who are skilled in this application and are recommended by our fuel supplies. All trucks used by Rethroi Petroleum are approved by the Safety Regulatory Board in Africa insuring safe delivery and minimal environment impact. The companyʼs long term goal is to eventually construct and have its own pipelines.


Fuel Depot Management


  • Rethroi Petroleum can assist its customers to build their own fuel depots. The company offers assistance to its customers from site selection to depot design, regulatory compliance, approval, and construction. The company ensures its customers who do not have the technical and financial capability to develop their fuel depot can own and operate such facilities with ease.


Management Control


  • Rethroi Petroleum maintains an average rating in fuel industry with many contribution to training and skills development of our employees and non employees as a set basic in everyday company development


Skills Development


  • Rethroi Petroleum has well trained employees who are qualified and experienced in the fuel sector. There is a Skills Development Department that caters for employee expertise and standard upgrade annually.

Employment Equity


  • Rethroi Petroleum embraces diversity and is a company that is responsible, human and conscious in compliance with the Ministry of Labour and Industry requirements expectations.


Corporate Social Investment (CSI)


  • Our executive team seeks to re-dress imbalance of the past and as such the company has areas of participation in CSI which includes involvement in community development and partnering with our suppliers and customers in Community Developmental Projects.


  • Bulk Fuel Exportation

  • Bulk Fuel Transportation

  • Fuel Depot Construction and Management

  • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance

  • Management Control

  • Skills Development

  • Employment Equity

  • Corporate Social Investment

Our List of Services Include: